CD €12,00


1. Himmelskino

2. Herzkino


João Camões - viola

Gabriel Lemaire - alto and baritone saxophones, alto clarinet

Yves Arques - piano


This trio lives the music as a voyage. An expedition full of unforeseen events, initiated in a land that someone has already hidden. They walk, fly or stop to gaze at the clouds. They get lost, they find themselves, they share ideas and dreams. They navigate from a chamber counterpoint to a soundscape, from a crazy fugue to a sweet lullaby, from an old sonata harmony to a chant from a distant country. Strings and horsehair, copper and wood, hammers, keys ... Everything blends, scrubs, squeezes, while painting sound pictures of many colours. Close your eyes and observe the landscape. Open them and you will see the travellers.

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