António Eustáquio e Carlos Barretto

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1. Sol da Sesta

2. Ibn

3. Marwan

4. Na intimidade

5. Variações em Lá 

6. Histórias com noite Dentro

7. Hoje a minha dor é esta 

8. Poema a uma folha caída

9. Guitolão

António Eustáquio | Guitolão

Carlos Barretto | Double Bass

Executive Prodution JACC Records

Mixed and mastered by João P. Miranda, at Attack-Release Studio (Portalegr

Graphic Design Joana Monteiro

Recorded by João P. Miranda, in Aldeia da Cerdeira (Lousã), between the 25th and the 28th of November 2014, as part of XJAZZ - Ciclo de Jazz das Aldeias do Xisto.

António Eustáquio & Carlos Barretto duo makes it's debut after a long standing collaboration that created contact points between the roots of portuguese music and the universal language of jazz. Being well known and respected personalities in the portuguese and european music scenes, Eustáquio and Barretto have been presenting live some of the tunes that you can find on this record.

The belief in the special character of their music succeded in creating a web of support around them, making Jazz ao Centro Clube (JACC) and SeivaBruta come together to find the right conditions to take their music available to an larger audience. Those conditions came about in the form of an artistic residence in the context of XJAZZ – Schist Villages Jazz Concert Series in the village of Cerdeira (Lousã Municipality). The Schist Villages Network soon was joined by a support from GDA Foundation (a cooperative for author's and performers rights), making this cd a reality.

We believe that this record is an outstanding example of the way a group of individuals and instituions can unite in the promotion of genuine artistic work. We are also proud of giving the opportunity for a wider recognition to the Guitolão, a quite singular instrument made by the master luthier Gilberto Grácio and that has it's roots in a suggestion of Carlos Paredes. The Guitolão comes to life in the hands of António Eustáquio and together with the pure talent of Barretto they take us to uncharted territories.


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