Rotina Impermanente

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1. Hora de ponta
2. Pensamento negativo atrai pensamento negativo
3. Pesadelo
4. Organização caótica
5. Rotina impermanente
6. Intermitente
7. Espécie de fado
8. Meditação I
9. Fundamentalismo idiota
10. Só

Produced by JACC RECORDS e Desidério Lázaro

Artwork by Sara Inglês

Recorded in Timbuktu Studios, by André Fernandes e Nuno Costa (13 July 2010)

Mixed and mastered by Luís Delgado


Blame the "Blue Train"
Text by Nuno Catarino

A saxophone revelation in a trio that combines a renowned, Mário Franco, and another young Portuguese jazz
value Luís Candeias. The record presenting him promises to leave marks. If Coltrane had not existed, there would
be no Desidério...
It is one of the top names of the latest generation of the portuguese jazz and promises much for the future. So far
he has shown that he‟s a great sax player, mastering the instrument as few and distributing their talent in various
collaborations. Lacked his presentation in his own name, which finally arrives in trio format with Mário Franco (bass)
and Luís Candeias (drums) through an issue of the newly premiered JACC Records. His first CD, "Impermanent
Routine" was presented at Festival in September.

The musician from Algarve, Desidério Lázaro is connected to music from an early age, encouraged by his parents.
The connection to jazz also happened early: "I had 14 years and by then the jazz I knew was the big bands of
Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman and Count Basie. "The turning point came when he purchased the album "Blue
Train" by John Coltrane: "I was fascinated with the tenor saxophone and improvisation, so I decided I'd play jazz
sooner or later." At the time, Lázaro studied clarinet at the Setúbal‟s Conservatory.

His musical training was held in several contexts: studied classical music at the conservatories of Setúbal and Faro,
and Jazz at Jazz School Luís Villas-Boas (Hot Clube de Portugal), completing a degree in jazz at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. For the saxophonist, stay in the Netherlands had an extra significance: 'Studying
outside shows us another reality. This factor alone is decisive to gain new perspectives of analysis, not only about
the new place but also about the country that we have left. In my case I was «lucky» to have been in a country
culturally and socially very different from ours."

Lázaro participated in workshops with musicians from elite as David Binney, John Clayton, John Taylor, Peter
Bernstein, Carlos Barretto, Greg Tardy, Larry Goldings, Chris Potter, among others. Among the musicians he met,
particularly emphasizes two: "My educational process was very marked by my clarinet teacher, Paulo Gaspar, and
apart from other good teachers I had, both in Hot as in Amsterdam, Dick Oatts is still a reference.” An especially
striking moment for the musician came in a concert with the brass band of Arrentela: "During the execution of an
arrangement for the opening band „Rienzi‟, from Wagner, I was completely goose-skined and realized I wanted to
be part of this world of emotions that is music."

He has collaborated with several national projects, as the duo Mário Laginha/ Maria João and Júlio Resende
Quartet, and understands them, too, like a continuous form of training. Learning with Laginha, João Bernardo
Moreira and Alexandre Frazão has been very important for Lázaro, because "since they are people of another age
and another knowledge, they constitute authentic schools of music and life, I feel privileged." Now he‟s also a
saxophone teacher at the Hot Club School and the University.

On your MySpace, Desidério Lázaro states - in addition to the family, the rock group Pink Floyd and John Coltrane
- many cinematic influences: Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch and "Star Wars". The world of cinema is crucial for the
musician: "I am a movie fanatic, but by choice decided not to study it in depth, I prefer to keep my level of expertise
in a low base, so I can be only opened to the message of art. But I'd love to compose for films, is a dream of mine."

His new CD features musicians that Lázaro thinks are “the right ones for the project ". The choice was not,
however, prompt: "At the time the decision was just a hunch. After several rehearsals and concerts it was already a
certainty." In his view, the renowned Mario Franco and the young, like him, value Luís Candeias are «fantastic

Mário Franco has also Classical training. Has played with many leading Portuguese jazz musicians, as António
Pinho Vargas, Bernardo Sassetti, José Peixoto, Carlos Martins, Mário Laginha, Maria João, Tomás Pimentel and
João Paulo Esteves da Silva, and with international characters of the size of Andy Sheppard, David Binney, Ralph
Towner, Paolo Fresu and Peter Epstein, among others. As well as Desidério Lázaro, Luís Candeias completed the
course of jazz in Amsterdam, playing in between some other European groups, Fundbureau, Mr. Eart and Velkro,
and with young musicians from different backgrounds as Stephan Meidell, Petros Klampanis, Marcel Kromka,
Gonçalo Almeida, Jonas Ganzemuller, Duncan Haynes and Hugo Antunes.
The saxophonist describes the music of "Rotina Impermanente" as a blend: "Some themes are based on concepts,
others are the result of reflections and emotional states, and still others are just songs / themes. I believe, however,
that they complement each other in stylistic and aesthetic terms. I expect the playing to bring them justice. "


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Culpem o "Blue Train"

"Uma revelação do saxofone num trio que junta um consagrado, e outro jovem valor do jazz português, Luís Candeias. O disco que o apresenta promete deixar marcar. Não fosse Coltrane, não haveria Desidério...".

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