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1. Bright Red
2. This is Our Gun 
3. Fallout Breeders 
4. Dysfunctional Wire 
5. The Growing Border 
6. Challenge/Challenges 

Recorded live on 8th February 2013 at Salão Brazil – Coimbra, by José Martins.
Mixed by Marcelo dos Reis.
Mastered by Manuel dos Reis.
Inside photo by Elizardo Scarpati.
Executive Production by JACC Records.
All music by Marcelo dos Reis, João Guimarães, João Pais Filipe, Luís Vicente and José Miguel Pereira.

João Pais Filipe . Drums
João Guimarães . Alto Saxophone
Marcelo dos Reis . Electric Guitar
José Miguel Pereira . Double Bass
Luís Vicente . Trumpet

FAIL BETTER! is a collaborative group born out of pre-existing projects that brought together part of the members of this quintet (The Nap, Frame Trio and Guimarães/Pais duo)..

The music you can hear on this record is freely improvised and was captured during a live concert , in a fantastic venue in the city of Coimbra, called Salão Brazil. It was the third of five concerts given by this band during a tour on february 2013. This concert was held in a context of an artistic residency promoted by JACC - Jazz ao Centro Clube.




Fail Better!: “Zero Sum” por Rui Eduardo Paes

"... está aqui alguma da melhor música que a nova geração de improvisadores portugueses tem para oferecer."

Fail Better!: Zero Sum (2014)

"The free improvised music is developed patiently and slowly, stressing deep listening and a highly supportive interplay, rich with imaginative ideas and nuances." 

"Fail Better! is an impressive ensemble of resourceful and imaginative improvisers."

FAIL BETTER! / Zero Sum (Jacc Records)

"This group plays a more agitated form of free improvisation while maintaining acute listening and nurturing stirking individualities"

Fail Better!: Zero Sum

"El núcleo del alegato creativo de Fail Better! se aposenta en los márgenes de la improvisación libre sin desdeñar del avant- jazz, el rock progresivo, la música drone y la electrónica, entre otros; pero lo que le otorga un valor distintivo e incontrastable es la infrecuente cualidad para dotar a su propuesta –en el contexto de una experimentación en tiempo real– de un sentido narrativo muy personal, ingenioso y perspicaz."

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