Cícero Lee

Double Bass


Cícero Lee born in Lisbon in 1982. Studying music since the age of 10, when he started on guitar and drums. His first supervisor was Professor George Lee, his father, renowned educator and educational director of several music schools. He studied at the School of Music Interarte , and was a student of bass teacher John Nunes Panta .

Later continuing his studies in New York at the Collective School of Music, where he has the opportunity to study with Lincoln Goines, Hilliard Greene, Joe Fitzgerald, Frank Gravis, Joe Lovano, Jeff Andrews , Irio O'Farrill, Doug Weiss, Fred klatz, Peter Retzlaf, among others.

The professional musician since the age of 17, has had the opportunity to work and share the stage with musicians and groups of all branches of the arts. Among them: Peter Madaleno, Noriko Tomikawa, Sergio Godinho, Vitorino, Thomas Pimentel Orchestra, Vince Cherico, José Mario Branco, Lucia Moniz, José Menezes, Marta Plantier, Rev. Milton Biggham, Angelina, Paula Santoro, Los Tomatos, Peter Osorio, Carlos Alberto Moniz, AM Cruz, Fernando Pereira, Phill Mendrix, Carlos Zel, Miguel Martins, Maurilio John Franco Scheriff, Filipe Raposo, Ruben Alves, Helena Vieira, Maria Anadon and many others .

He taught in the EPMA - Professional School of Music Almada, ETIC - Technical School of Image and Communication, and the rhythms and Applause - the School of Music and Technology.

At the invitation of Santa Maria Blues Festival, directed in 2007 the training that would result in the formation of the Santa Maria Blues Big Band, a group that has been claiming the musical landscape of the Azores, and also collaborates with whom.

As a soloist and composer leads his own group, Cicero Lee Group, creating music in the world of Jazz music and Nu - Jazz.

Currently, he is a part of Dynamite Band, Tiago Oliveira Quartet and most recently Luis Dams. His debut album as a leader has the saxophonist Desiderio Lazaro, the pianist Julio Resende , Marcos Alves on drums, and John Mouse on guitar and co -production .