Manuel Brito

Double Bass


Manuel Brito was born in Santarem in 1987 . Was a student of Degree in Music from the University of Music and Performing Arts of Oporto. Was in the family environment - parents are teachers in school Ginestal Machado - who won the taste " the good music he heard in the house ." Hence the choice of music as a future career was a step.

Manuel Brito goes on with several performances around the country, particularly in Lisbon, some in Santarém, where he likes to return, and Oporto, where he studies and lives. " In duet with these instruments and the sound is more difficult to grasp for a standard jazz style, while a quartet and piano stifle the battery more these sounds," explains the young musician. Chose bass for their sounds. An instrument that requires a lot from you physically, not only for what weighs but mainly by the effort that the string tension requires the fingers on songs with seven-eight minutes in duration.

Manuel Brito wants to continue to play a bit where invitations emerge with the most diverse musicians from the area, watching the growing interest that jazz awakens among public and official, and private entities.