Mário Franco

Double Bass


Born in October 1965 and began his musical studies at the Center for Studies Gregorian Lisbon. At the Academy of Music studying Amateur Bass with Fernando Flores and composition with Peter Rock. Very early he is interested in Jazz, a member of the Hot Club since 1982. After having studied electric bass with António Ferro, begins to take lessons with David Gausden in school and participate in the Club Jam Sessions, also participated in workshops with Rufus Reid, Niels Henning Orsted Peterson, Eberhard Weber, etc. In order to broaden your experience in improvised music played between 1985 and 1987 with the Miso Ensemble. Attended in 1986 and 87 in Estoril, Bass courses by Professor Ludwig Streicher. In 1988 won 1st prize in the young musicians. Later he was part of Youth where he worked the "classic" repertoire under the guidance of Christopher Bochmann Symphony Orchestra.

Since 1984 play jazz and improvised music in Portugal and abroad with the following musicians: António Pinho Vargas, Mario laginha, Bernardo Sassetti, Thomas Pimentel, João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Tommy Halferty, Carlo Morena, Carlos Martins, Daniel Erdmann, Joseph Peixoto Andy Sheppard, Jarmo Savolainen, John Wadham, Jim Leff, Ralph Peterson Jr. , Peter Epstein, Paolo Fresu, Ralph Towner and others. He participated in the most important festivals of Portugal Jazz: Jazz City in 1988 and 1990, Jazz in August 1987, 88, 90, 95, Seixal Jazz in 1998, the Capuchin Music Festival in 1985 ; Lisbos Jazz in 1990 ; Meetings Jazz in the Algarve in 1990 ; Faro International Film Festival in 1999 ; musicality in 1991. In 1990 introduced the first based on original in Contest project "Youth and Music" which gets the first prize and second prize group composition. He also composes for dance and theater highlighting: Ballet "Nine Dancers Facing the Mirror" choreographer David Fielding (1999), Theatre play "Frida Kahlo" staged by Nuno Carinhas for Single Dog (1999) group, and the soundtrack to “to Monica ", indulged in after the Portuguese choreographer Mónica Lapa (2002) event. Discography (Jazz) 1991" Lisbon Jazz " Quartet António Pinho Vargas with Paolo Fresu Quintet and Carlos Martins with Ralph Peterson Jr. 1993 "Endless Mountain" Quartet John Paul Esteves da Silva 1994 " Takeoff " Septet Thomas Pimentel 1996 " Light Target" Ana Maria Bobone, Ricardo Rocha, Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva 2000, " what about the water mirror " José Peixoto 2001 " Time " José Peixoto 2003 " Wave " José Peixoto involving Ralph Towner from now highlight the continuation of its work: With the nonet Ensemble Raum, project by Paulo Duarte. And in the creation of his new work, a quartet that includes the participation of Mario Delgado, Jesse Chandler and John Lancaster. The Composer Studies in the School of Music, Arnhem Conservatory, Academy of Music Amateurs Hot Clube de Portugal and school.