Nelson Cascais

Double Bass


Nelson Cascais was born in Lisbon in 1973.

He studied at the School of Jazz Hot Clube de Portugal and the Lisbon National Conservatory. In 1994, as a finalist in the course of jazz HCP represented Portugal at the annual meeting of IASJ in New York.

In 1995, starts an active career as a sideman, allowing you to fill your schedule with collaborations in the studio and live performances in Portugal and abroad, with some of the most important figures of national and international jazz as Rick Margitza, Jerome Richardson , Benny Lackner, Perico Sambeat, Bernardo Sassetti, Maria João, Stefano D' Anna, Llibert Fortuny, Nuno Ferreira, Jorge Reis, Laurent Filipe, Ivan Padduart, Antonio Pharaoh, John Ellis, Aaron Goldberg, Markku Ounaskari, Kari Ikonen, Jorge Pardo, Jarmo Savolainen, Stefanno D' Anna, Maria Schneider, Carlos Martins, Mario laginha, among others.

In 2002, he was designated Jazz Musician of the Year by the site

Currently part of the Quartet André Fernandes, Jesus Santandreu Quartet, Paul Flag Quartet , John Lancaster Group , Jeff Davis Quartet.

Since 1999 he leads his own group with which he recorded the CDs "Cyclops”, "Nine Stories" and more recently "Guruka”.


Nelson Cascais "Guruka" TOAP 2009

Nelson Cascais "Nine Stories", 2005 TOAP

Nelson Cascais "Cyclops", TOAP 2002

Jeff Davis "Haunted Gardens" TOAP 2009

André Fernandes "Imaginary" TOAP 2009

Jesus Santandreu "Sound Colors" Fresh Sound 2008

Carlos Martins "Water", Iplay 2008

Abe Rabade Septet "Open Doors" Karonte Records 2008

Abe Rabade "Rosalia 21", 2008

André Fernandes "Cube", TOAP 2007

André Fernandes "Timbuktu", TOAP 2006

Carlos Martins and Orchestra "Ao lado de", Som Livre 2006

Sara Valente "Blue in Green" 2006

TOAP Colective "Vol.1", TOAP 2006

Laurent Filipe "Ode to Chet," Som Livre 2006

Bruno Santos "Wrong Way", TOAP 2005

Joana Machado "Idiosyncrasies" 2005

Peter Madaleno "Sound of places," Clean Feed 2004

Laurent Filipe "The Light" Clean Feed 2004

Jorge Reis "Pueblos", TOAP 2003

Nuno Ferreira Dos & Sons Company "Spin", TOAP 2002

Isaac Turienzo "Con Angel" 1999