Cerdeira Village ​welcomes the “Guitolão“

Nov. 25, 2014

As has been customary throughout the Xjazz cycle, the Jazz ao Centro  Clube (JACC) will bring contemporary music to places where it is most inaccessible. This time, the contemplated   location is Cerdeira, a Schist village in Lousã.

The motto of this residence is the “Guitolão”, name given to the instrument played by António Eustáquio. -Guitolão is a Portuguese guitar baritone designed by Carlos Paredes and built by Gilberto Grácio. The encounter of this traditional instrument with the  bass of Carlos Barretto takes us back to Paredes with bassist Charlie Haden, in concert, in 1990.

The work of these two musicians in Cerdeira will  result  in a disk editing in the future by JACC Records, which is the label of Jazz ao Centro Clube. 

The residence will take place in the “House of Arts and Crafts” of Cerdeira and the public presentation is scheduled for November 28, at 10.00pm at the Schist Villages Welcome Center of Lousã. 

The initiative is organized in partnership between the Jazz ao Centro Clube and ADXTur, an organization that has been promoting the natural and cultural richness of the schist villages.